“There is a great opportunity to begin a process of thinking about how to shape Tasmania’s long-term future and in so doing, share Tasmania’s journey with other island communities from around the world - learning from their experiences and serving as a beacon for others facing similar challenges.”
- Saul Eslake, economist, The Tasmanian Way Consultation 20 Sept 2018

The Tasmanian Way is an emerging statewide partnership to inspire action for Tasmania to be a resilient, connected and vibrant place. It is a partnership for all Tasmanians and people who love Tasmania and want to come together to figure out how to overcome the complex challenges facing our island State and develop solutions for the long-term benefit of all Tasmanians and our future generations.

Our Island Opportunity Tasmania can be a beacon to the world of a resilient, connected and vibrant place. We are an island of many strengths: more than 90% of energy is generated from renewables, 45% plus of our terrestrial area is protected and we have an abundance of clean water, fresh air and fertile soils, passionate people and are experiencing a growth boom. We are an island state in a larger developed economy – we are small enough to manage but big enough to matter.

To be a global leader we need to come together to tackle the complex problems facing our State. We need to bridge the growing societal divides and inequities and promote integrated action on our key priorities: from literacy and housing to enhancing food, water and energy security. We have the creative and intellectual capacity in the State. We have momentum for change. We have the opportunity to take advantage of this moment in time to foster a culture of collaboration between anyone wanting to strengthen our democratic institutions, create new investment opportunities, co-create projects to build resilience into our environment and our communities. We have hurdles to overcome but our island home at the edge of the world can be the leading edge of sustainability.

Vision Tasmania is a beacon to the rest of the world of a resilient, connected and vibrant place.

Scope The Tasmanian Way is for all Tasmanians and people who love Tasmania.


  • Build a statewide hub of public and private partners collaborating to align our priorities and develop solutions
  • Inspire political commitment at local, state and federal levels to bold, long-term, measurable 2030 goals
  • Track progress using an open data Dashboard to provide accountability, transparency and frame how we measure a vibrant community
  • Create the power and momentum to implement the vision

The Tasmanian Way has emerged from the recognition that we need to come together to collaborate to shape Tasmania’s future. That we need to set goals and targets for Tasmania that lasted longer than election cycles and to have a collaborative and inclusive process to do this and that we can learn from others such as the Aloha+ Challenge and Hawaii Green Growth in doing so. The Tasmanian Way seeks to bring people together to figure out how to tackle the complex problems of our State. How can we inspire greater action to be a 100% literate Tasmania? How can we help Government to achieve their 100% renewable energy goal and to figure out what beyond 100% renewable and low emissions leadership looks like? How do we inspire our communities to greater action to reduce waste, strengthen our local food systems and overcome inequalities? In working together to address these problems, Tasmania can be an example to the world of how to mobilise local action and collaboration to support implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and other relevant global goals.

Read more about the preliminary consultation “Shaping Tasmania’s Future: the Tasmanian Way Consultation, September 2018”

Collaborators: The Australia Institute Tasmania, Saul Eslake (economist), Wildmob, Xenergy, The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc., University of Tasmania, Hexagon Consulting, Eat Well Tasmania,  Sustainable Living Tasmania, Houston’s Farm, Department of Communities Tasmania, Rebel Food Tasmania, Community Led Impact Partnerships, Planning Matters Alliance Tasmania, Anglicare Social Action Research Centre, Slow Food Hobart. International support: Global Island Partnership and Hawaii Green Growth.


Watch more about the Tasmanian Way

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